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We are a professional training company offering workforce instruction and development opportunities, (on-site available). Our courses include leadership, and supervisory and management solutions for your organization.  Training is typically conducted in 1-day or 2-day sessions and customized and adaptable  for your company or organization's specific need.  

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We train leaders for change and improved long term outlook, values and attitudes enabling confidence and success. In the classroom we illustrate what leadership means and clarify misconceptions that impact performance. Our primary goal is to work with people to develop skills and improve your staff's proficiency and make better leaders in support of your company's mission. See our "Classes page" for a list of our expansive topics.

On Base Leadership conducts periodic training seminars that are offered in Southern California and Northern California.  Our training is  designed specifically with adult learning techniques in mind, to create and sustain effective student learning. We conduct training in small class sizes to enhance learning, promote active involvement and student interaction. We utilize videos, pre-reading, best case practices, timely illustrations, interactive learning exercises, breakouts and fun activities in all our  classes. No death by Power Point. Your employees will leave with material to keep them learning.

Through training and illustrations of best practices the leadership principles you expect can be reinforced. Don't assume your supervisors or managers understand or know for certain the complexities of supervising your employees. Your supervisors may be technically sound, but have they received training to be the leaders your organization needs? Regardless of your organization's industry type whether services or production oriented, our training sessions can assist you and your employees, supervisors and managers in seeking greater performance and enhanced skills at every step of the way.  Many times employees do not have the background or previous training to maximize their performance when it comes to leading correctly.

At "On Base Leadership", we believe leaders are made not born. Meaning, behaviors can be changed. Significant leadership values can be impacted and developed in meaningful training experiences, allowing for improved performance and cohesive team work, with enhanced measurable outcomes. 

Appropriate training exercises and classroom experiences can create the "AhHa" moments, evidence that your employee/student is learning. We focus on employee development, making better leaders today and changing your tomorrow! Our services are designed to assist in creating great supervisors, managers and executives. Our services can assist in creating what all great organizations desire and strive to achieve, effective and sound leadership beyond the basics and to achieve elevated performances.

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